Covid19 — Russian Export Week


We put all our efforts to make the event a comfortable and safe place for all exhibitors and visitors.

Exhibition – convention event will be held according to Methodological Recommendations MR – 31/2.1.0198 – 20 “Recommendations for taking general measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection (Covid 19) during congress and exhibition activities”, confirmed by the Head of Federal Service of Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare and the National Chief Sanitary Doctor

  • Social Distance and control of the visitor's flow

Exhibition complex area allows to receive and accommodate all participants and visitors in terms of the requirements of social distancing. Constant monitoring of the number of visitors at the exhibition allows avoiding excessive crowds of participants and visitors.

  • Mask mode

The entrance to the territory of the exhibition complex is allowed only for those who wear masks and gloves

  • Thermo screening

At the entrance to the exhibition complex, both participants and visitors with elevated body temperature are not allowed

  • Hand sanitizer

Participants and visitors of the exhibition as well as the business agenda can use sanitizers. Despite the number of guests, we provide access to sanitizers at the entrance to the halls and pavilions for those who want to use them.

  • Cleaning using disinfectant

All pavilions, halls, and premises of the exhibitor’s complex are regularly wet cleaned with veridical disinfectants.

  • ​​​​​​​Fresh air and comfortable temperature in the building

​​​​​​​The premises of the exhibition complex are fitted with professional ventilation systems providing a comfortable atmosphere at the exhibition venue.​​​​​​​

Ventilation system creates a correct circulation of fresh air and maintains optional temperature conditions.