Visitor Guidelines Russian Export Week 2023 — Russian Export Week

Visitor Guidelines Russian Export Week 2023

Latest update on October 03, 2022

Admission Policy

  • Attendance at Russian Export Week is only possible with a ticket or accreditation badge issued by the Organizer, based on pre-registration

  • All visitors have the opportunity to purchase an admission ticket onsite on Offer and Acceptance Terms

  • Professionals, business visitors, and exhibitors who are involved in or have a direct relationship or interest in export trade and related industries or organizations are admitted to the REW event. Visitors and exhibitors must dress in appropriate business attire

  • Based on the submitted applications, an account is automatically created for visitors and exhibitors in a personal account on the event website, which helps to plan meetings and contact the Organizer, as well as to send messages to exhibitors and other visitors before the event

  • When deciding to allow a REW participant or Organizer to scan their ticket, visitors provide their name and contact information to the exhibitor, who may be outside the Russian Federation, and who may contact them regarding their products or services in accordance with the privacy policy adopted and applied in the jurisdictions of other countries and territories

  • Transferring admission tickets to third parties is a violation of the security policy. This violation may result in the badge holder and the person receiving the badge being denied entry to the REW exhibition

  • Any visitor to the REW must have and present, at the Organizers' request, a photo ID (e.g., passport, driver's license with photo, national ID card) or other identification acceptable to the Organizers

  • Attendance at the exhibition is only allowed for participants over 18 years of age

  • No pets are allowed to enter the exhibition area, with the exception of guide dogs or other service animals, for which the Organizer has received advance notice

  • The Organizer appoints official photographers and camera crew responsible for the photo and video recording of the event. Each participant gives permission for such photography and videotaping and authorizes the organizers to use the image and voice of the participant for archival and promotional purposes in any media without liability, compensation or other remuneration for the participant

  • Under certain circumstances, Participants, Exhibitors and other Visitors may take photographs or conduct filming. In such circumstances, the Organizer has no control over what images they collect and how they use them. Should Participants be prepared to address any questions in this regard, they should discuss this with the appropriate third party

Visitors may not be admitted to or removed from the exhibition area in the following cases:

  • Refusing to undergo a personal examination, including the presentation of hand luggage and personal belongings for examination

  • Being under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or toxic substances

  • At the attempt to enter the territory of the exhibition with prohibited items

  • Violating public order, as well as begging

  • Non-compliance with the requirements of this Guidelines and the officials according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation

All visitors, without exception, undergo a terrorist security check. For general security purposes, every visitor will be examined by police officers for prohibited items and substances.

It is forbidden to bring to the exhibition:

  • Any liquid in glassware

  • Glass containers

  • Weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous, odorous and radioactive substances, stabbing and cutting objects, pyrotechnic products, large-sized objects and other items that interfere with the normal conduct of the exhibition.

  • Pyrotechnic devices (fireworks, firecrackers, etc.).

  • Alcoholic drinks, narcotic and psychotropic substances, be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic intoxication.

  • Paraphernalia with metal parts, manicure scissors, saws, etc.

It is forbidden on the exhibition site:

  • Устраивать дебоши и драки

  • Оставлять детей до 14 лет без присмотра

  • To enter areas and premises closed to the public, to use service and technical entrances and passages

  • Organize and conduct in the exhibition area unauthorized meetings, demonstrations, marches, picketing, as well as other uncoordinated promotional events and flash mobs

  • Shout or other actions that humiliate the human dignity of the exhibitors or spectators or insult the human morals

  • Climb fences, lighting equipment, TV filming sites, supporting structures, and damage equipment and elements of decoration of the structures and other inventory

  • Appear on the stage of the exhibition, as well as in service and technical areas of the exhibition without the permission of the representatives of the exhibition organizers

  • Carry out trading, labeling and posting announcements, posters and other information products without the written consent of the representatives of the organizers

  • Wear or display signs or other symbols, aimed at inciting racial, social, national, political and religious hatred.

  • Smoking in the exhibition area is only allowed in specially allocated places

The organizers are not responsible for the safety of any items left unattended.

Medical Assistance

A medical aid station will be located on the territory of the exhibition.

At the entrance to Expograd Yug, each visitor is measured for body temperature to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), in case of high temperature and/or other signs of illness, the control service of Expograd Yug has the right to refuse to enter the territory of the exhibition complex and the exhibition.

At the time of publication of this Guideline in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the methodological recommendations MR 3.1/2.1.0198-20 to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the implementation of congress and exhibition activities are considered.

Ethics and Business Etiquette

We ask all visitors to adhere to ethical principles of behavior and standards of business communication when visiting the exhibition:

  • Treat the exhibition visitors around you with respect

  • Respect exhibition staff, police officers, EMERCOM officials, and other personnel

  • Understand the necessity to measure your body temperature upon entering the exhibition grounds for your own safety.

  • Do not violate generally accepted standards of behavior.

  • Be aware of your level of responsibility for alcohol consumption

  • Keep the exhibition grounds clean: do not litter and leave clean toilets behind

  • If you find any unclaimed things and suspicious objects, do not touch them, contact the police or the Organizer's representatives

  • Report all cases of offenses, aggressive groups of citizens (including young people), young children left unattended to report to the nearest police officer or exhibition


The Organizer reserves the right to exclude or remove from the REW show and venue any person who fails to comply with these Visitor Guidelines or who, in their reasonable opinion, may violate this policy or who is prohibited from attending the event pursuant to any applicable sanctions, laws or regulations, or otherwise at the discretion of the Organizer

All the laws of the Russian Federation apply to the exhibition